Yes, I have been quiet for a while. I have been learning a few lessons.

  1. A man must have a plan to be successful. Good character, a good work ethic, good relations are all tools necessary for success. But all these are useless if a man cannot apply them methodically to attain his desires. YOU MUST HAVE A GAME PLAN IF YOU AIM AT NOTHING YOU WILL HIT IT EVERY TIME.
  2. Part of having a plan is having goals. One must have goals that they set their minds to accomplish. Short term goals and long-term goals. these must be written down, measurable, precise and attainable, there is no point in wishing for the impossible as this will only discourage you when you find out it is unattainable likewise, there is no point in setting goals that do not challenge you as this limits growth.
  3. Self-talk is the most important form of communication it either builds you up or tears you down, so be careful about what you say to yourself. AS A MAN THINKETH SO IS HE…..

Let me know what you think about this article and any valuable lessons you have come across.IMG_0644


Lessons of 2017

I find myself compelled to write this year, I am not too sure whether it is because I have always wanted to write or because I learnt so much during 2016 I feel it must be written down on paper or, rather in this case on the internet. The purpose of this article or blog is mainly to inspire and motivate the youthies! LoL…

Now I am going to discuss three major lessons I learn in 2016. These are money, spiritual growth and people. Now on the subject of money which has been something I have for a long time chosen to keep distant hence probably the reason why it has chosen to stay distant from me.. but not anymore. You see there is something called the Law of Attraction. This law dictates that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. This theory states the beginning of success is the mindset of the individual, if you have the right mindset (a winning one) you will succeed and the resources you need to enable you for success will be attracted to you. Now obviously the money won’t suddenly grow legs to come for you but rather the opportunities you were oblivious to earlier will make them selfs more evident to you. What I personally see is that where focus is energy flows. Now before you dismiss me and say that is all fair and well Puwayi but simply thinking I will get a first class for my course won’t simply make it appear on my degree, and yes this is true, however when you focus on something chances are you will become a master at that something. There is simply no substitute for hard work ladies and gentlemen, and that is a fact! Which has been backed up by all successful masters in their fields, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Oprah Winfrey and Les Brown.  There are plenty of lessons that must be dwelt upon when it comes to this lesson of having the right mindset, then focusing and working hard. Having read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill I came to discover that the life of a successful individual is not easy, for them to be where they are is hard work and absolutely nothing substitutes that, not an inheritance or charisma. Also, don’t let the title fool you there is much more to success than just dwelling on it. There are laws, rules and procedures as I like to call them to becoming successful financially or whatever may constitute success for you. However, for the purposes of this article, I will end here, for fear of running out of ideas for my next article.

The second idea I will discuss is the issue of Spiritual growth. This is probably the most important of all types of growth for me personally. Having been a Christian for practically all my life I have never known any other religion or faith. Well on arrival to the UK having become a ‘free soul’ coupled with my rebellious nature I decided to test out this ‘faith’ and question whether there really was a God. So I attended church with a magnifying glass looking for clues as to the true existence of God. Well, my search came to an end on one November Sunday morning, during worship service, when whilst praising and worshiping I was suddenly caught up in emotion and fond myself crying and my heart itching to want to know Jesus on a more intimate level. In tears and with my hands lifted high I understood in my heart there is a God who wants to know me and yearning for me to come close and stop playing Sherlock when the evidence is right in front of me. That Sunday afternoon I sat down with the Pastor of the church and a prophecy was spoken upon my life. To cut a beautifully long story short, I have now been baptised with the Holy ghost and am proud to say I am a disciple of Christ.  Now the importance of this growth extends to all areas of life. The bible says in 3 John 1:2 ‘Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.’ The King James version says, even as thy soul prospereth’ the Holman Bible translation actually links physical and spiritual health as one. Joseph the boy of the coat of many colours as some may remember him in Sunday school, was sold as a slave but the bible tells us in Genesis 39 v 2 that ‘the Lord was with Joseph and he was a prosperous man.’ and as the story goes he became Prime Minister of Egypt without applying for candidacy or an election. There is power when one walks in the presence of the Lord friends.

Now finally for the last point, is for the people !! What can I say, guys, you are all wonderful in all ways and different and because this is mainly a millennial audience ‘you are special.’ But seriously you are. I have come to discover that people are diverse they come in all shapes and sizes, and colours. Some come with additions such as attitudes, charisma’s and personalities. And we are all free to choose whichever one we like. Isn’t that great?. Oops… sorry I forgot to mention there are one’s you can’t pick as you wish these are known as family. These are your people for life my friend like it or not, (I suggest you like it makes easier) :). However, friends, I urge you to be wary of the ones you go and pick out from the shelves of life supermarket. Please, whatever you do, don’t shop in aisle PHD (Pull her/him down) you don’t want those in your life.  Oh and make sure you are shopping on the High Street cause if you are shopping downtown, don’t expect them to last just saying. Nonetheless keep shining regardless if some come by default (vamwene) or whether they were already in the trolley when you picked it up from the car park. I suggest you watch the commercials on television before selecting your product friend, just to avoid disappointment and the trip back to the supermarket for returns.

And with that good friends, I am out. #firstblog #friends #GodisAlive #Moneymatters #Success